to be, get and stay healthy.

a drop breaks the surface
circular waves radiate

one ball strikes another
momentum is maintained

two people meet
in their meeting lies strength

one thought creates another
a feeling can develop

stasis becomes motion
time and space

the developing process
the developing human

humanity in the process
pulsating and alive
be, will be and get

again and again.

Process impulses
for a life in balance.

In my practice, your mental health is in the center.

Finding, strengthening, maintaining or finding your own balance is a constant process. Where’s the healthy mediocrity? When is too much?  When is too little? What do I need more of? What do I need less of?

These questions can be applied to all areas of life, situations, symptoms and behaviors. The central instruments of my work are problem and condition analysis, the resulting definition of goals and the elaboration of the necessary steps.

Once the mental health is out of balance, very different stressful physical symptoms, emotional states, thought patterns and behaviors can show up. Any impairment of mental health can affect everyone, regardless of a psychiatric history or inheritance.

In my practice, I primarily work with those directly affected. If necessary and desired, people from the family, private and/or professional environment are also included in the process.

It is always about finding your own balance and staying in a mental balance.

Dr. med. Joachim Leupold
Specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy FMH

A question of solidarity.

The deepest and most beautiful thing a person can experience is the feeling of being connected.